Festo VZQA Series Pinch Valves

Compact, Configurable, Durable, & Easy to Clean

VZQA Series pinch valves are a low-profile valve intended for low-pressure applications. Its creative design allows for full flow when open and the ability to handle a variety of media, including viscous liquids and granular solids. The resilient diaphragm or sleeve used to control the media can be easily removed and replaced on-site, making preventive maintenance simple and affordable. These easy-to-clean valves are now available in normally closed (N/C) and normally open (N/O) variants, and feature no flow-resistance, blockages, or dead spaces.

  • DN: ½ Inch and ¼ Inch for Normally Closed; ½ Inch, ¼ Inch,
    and 1 Inch for Normally Open
  • Normally Closed Function and Integrated Actuator
  • Hygienic Design with Integrated Actuator
  • Secure, Tubular Pinch Shut-off
  • Stainless Steel Housing and End Caps for Demanding Applications
  • Positon Detection via Integrated Magnet Ring and Festo Sensors
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