Phoenix Contact Limited Lifetime Warranty

Allied and Phoenix Contact believe that achieving peace of mind should be easy. Our goal is to be your most trusted partner in building your control cabinet.

Cabinet Confidence Warranty

The foundation of this exclusive Phoenix Contact Warranty program is dedication to quality and innovation, united with a strong commitment to provide customer peace of mind.

Choose Phoenix Contact with Confidence

Phoenix Contact engineers durable, reliable products for your control cabinet. For customers participating in the Cabinet Confidence Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) program, Phoenix Contact will warrant many of its products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the lifetime of the product. Registration is required and certain restrictions apply.

* Improperly applied or installed products may void warranty. See the complete terms and conditions for full details.

Review Limited Lifetime Warranty Terms & Conditions

Simple, 3-Step Registration

To assure your Phoenix Contact products are covered under the exclusive Limited Lifetime Warranty, follow these steps:

  • Step 1  
  • Step 2  Select and install Phoenix Contact products in accordance with its recommendations.
  • Step 3  Make sure all electronics are powered and protected with appropriate Phoenix Contact power supplies and surge protection.

*For a full list of covered products, visit

Excluded Products

Industrial PCs, human machine interfaces (HMI), automatic tools, printers, batteries, and device-connection products, including printed circuit board terminal blocks and printed circuit board connectors, are not included in this program.

Guidelines for Determining the Need for Surge Protection

Terms & Conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

What does "limited" mean?

A limited number of products are not covered by this warranty. Parts excluded from the program include industrial PCs, human machine interfaces (HMI), automatic tools, printers, batteries, PCB terminal blocks, and PCB connectors. Additionally, normal wear and tear on electromechanical relay contacts and wearable parts on hand tools are not covered. Wearable parts include tips of screwdrivers, springs, cutting edges of a tool, and the die-set in a hand-crimp tool.

How does this differ from the standard Phoenix Contact warranty?

This warranty takes effect after a product’s initial standard warranty has ended. For all Phoenix Contact products, the standard warranty duration is one year after the date of manufacture.

I’m already buying Phoenix Contact parts; will I be automatically covered by this program?

No. To be covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty, customers must register in advance at or at

What is the standard warranty for Phoenix Contact parts?

For all Phoenix Contact products, the standard warranty duration is one year after the date of manufacture.

I’m a panel builder, and I’m registered in the Limited Lifetime Warranty program; my panels go all over the world. Can I still get replacement parts?

Yes. You can get replacement parts, as long as the product in question is returned to Phoenix Contact USA for review/inspection.

If I power and protect my Phoenix Contact products properly using third-party power supplies and/or surge protection, are my products covered?

No. Power and protection must be provided by Phoenix Contact products.

I’m an end user, and my panels and cabinets come with Phoenix Contact parts installed – sometimes from out of the country. How do I know these products are covered?

To ensure coverage, the end user should register individually. They should work with their integrator, panel shop, and/or supplier to encourage those entities to also register as an LLW participant. This will enable anyone in the supply chain to issue a warranty claim if necessary.

How can this warranty be presented or marketed to engineering firms and those people who specify but don’t buy Phoenix Contact products?

This program could easily be presented to "non-purchasing" stakeholders as a way to add value; essentially putting them in a position to enhance the reliability they offer their customers.

The screw on the connection terminal of my power supply broke. Does that broken screw qualify for coverage, or does the product have to experience complete failure to be covered?

Complete failure is not necessary for a claim. "Non-critical" defects are also covered.

Are accessories, such as terminal-block bridging, included?

Yes. Bridging – on terminal blocks, relays, and otherwise – is covered.

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